Kaleva Island Lodge

The Island

Kaleva Island is on a bay of Long Lake, one of a chain of lakes on the southern flank of the Mesabi Range and Laurentian Divide. Most of the island's four and a half acres are in its natural state with mature pines, birch, spruce, fir, maple, willow, and alder. A wide variety of plants and wildlife call it home, including the rare Moccasin Flower or Lady Slipper. The waters around the island provide a diversity of fish species for year round sport fishing, and provide open water for recreational water sports. The island is accessible by a gated drive and a bridge, and is kept open for year round use.

The Facilities

Kaleva Island Lodge was established in 1924 by the Knights of Kaleva, Great Bear Lodge (Otavan Maja). It consists of the main lodge building and a traditional Finnish sauna by the lake. For outdoor activities there are modern restrooms, a concession stand / snack bar, a dock, and a boat launch. There is ample room for parking several dozen cars and for outdoor games, concerts, picnics or other activities.

The Lodge

The two story lodge was built in 1929 and has been recently renovated and restored in keeping with its historical character. It is located on the high point of the island, yet close to the lake, with beautiful views in all directions. Both levels of the lodge building have walk out entrances and are handicapped accessible. Each level has a main hall with kitchen facilities. The upper level has an additional meeting room with a fireplace and vaulted ceiling. The building is heated for year round comfort. The lodge can comfortably accommodate 60 to 80 people for meetings. It is also popular for dinners, parties, receptions, and retreats. Although the lodge is not designed for overnight lodging, rental is by the day and arrangements may be made to allow stays on premises overnight. This is especially convenient for groups with RVs or campers.

The Sauna

The sauna, in keeping with Finnish tradition, was the first building constructed on the island and has been preserved for the past seventy-five years as originally designed. It is a three room building that doubles as a bathhouse for the swim beach with dock. In addition to the sauna room, it has a large dressing room and shower room with direct access to the lake.


Kaleva Island Lodge has long been used for the activities of the Great Bear Lodge (Otavan Maja) of the Knights of Kaleva and has been host to international Grand Lodge activities, most recently the year 2000 General Convention Midsummer Festival. Kaleva Island Lodge has been available for a wide variety of activities for several years to other groups and organizations.

Some of the activities conducted at Kaleva Island:

  • Church services
  • Winter ski school or group outings
  • Graduation parties
  • Company retreats
  • Winter fishing contests
  • Weddings and wedding receptions
  • Fishing outings
  • Church outings and day camps
  • Company picnics
  • Snowmobile club meets
  • Sunday School picnics
  • School reunions
  • Service club outings
  • Seasonal or holiday festivals
  • Fundraising events (including island rental as a prize)
The Island is rented by many groups to provide them a jumping off place for or in conjunction with other area activities such as, golf tournaments and sporting events, conventions, ski parties, snowmobile rallys, camping, canoeing, hunting or fishing trips, tourist group activities, and area festivals. Use your imagination!
Kaleva Island: A Natural Setting
Lodge front entrance
Kaleva Island sauna
Moccasin Flower
Sauna, dock, and beach area
Lodge lakeside entrance